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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The latest unfulfilling conversation

After leaving multiple messages in the span of 3 days (including the one from H that prompted the  phone call) I finally connected with my SW. She was on her way to a meeting and did not have much time for me but it was oh so important for her to return my call since she knew I was concerned. (eye roll) As a matter of fact, I felt downright rushed. She did confirm that she is, indeed, still our SW. She tried to assure me that we will not be affected by the recent staff issues and that we have not fallen through the cracks. She gave me the same standard answer that she has given me every month about how our profile grids look good and that X months is not that long and that once someone sees our profile they could not possibly not adore us.

Again, no matches for our grids. I had a list of questions to ask....How many infants matching our grids have been placed since we were waiting? Can I get a description of the types of placements you are doing? How do you decide how many and which adoptive parent profiles to show (barring any specifics that the BPs insist on that we don't meet) ?

Unfortunately, I didn't get any answers. I did get told 8 times that what I need to do is relax and enjoy the holidays with my family. (Really? Has this woman ever worked with infertile adoptive parents- in -waiting because we sure heard enough of that business when we were trying to conceive)

My questions will have to wait until January, I suppose. I really do want to enjoy the holidays. Every year I make homemade pierogis with my parents and my mom and sisters and I spend a day making about 20 kinds of Xmas cookies to share and give as gifts to a lucky few. As much as I enjoy these activities, I sure wouldn't mind a little peanut of my own to take me away from all of it next Christmas!

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