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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post holiday blues

It's always such a let down. Christmas is over and we have a long winter ahead of us. My tree will come down, the family room furniture will go back to it's original configuration and the only evidence of the holiday will be the lingering bits of glitter that we'll find until mid July despite my militant cleaning schedule.

No more holiday treats. Time to bump up the intensity of workouts and wrap yourself in heavy sweaters and coats. It will seem like you will never have anything to look forward to again. Summer seems so far away (I am not a fan of spring in upstate NY.)

Gone is the holiday cheer and goodwill towards men (and women and children). Grumpiness takes over and everyone forgets how to play nice. I think that is always the worst part for me. I miss people smiling at me in the market or letting me out of the gas station parking lot instead of blocking the entrance.

Then the year will change and you will relive the past year. You will decide whether or not you did your best living it and promise that next year you will be a better person, make every moment count and do what you love. Sometimes I get a temporary boost from my commitment to my resolutions but January is a long hard month and I lose my steam again by the end of week 2.

Oh well. I guess we'll plan a vacation and hope for a very good year.

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