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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lawyerin' up...

We met with an attorney for the 1st time on our 7th anniversary. Uh, not THAT kind of attorney. Despite all we have been through we are still quite happily married! I'm referring to the adoption attorney. We both really liked her and we learned quite a bit.

She gave us some real life examples of some calls we could receive and some situations we could become involved in. When the agency gave us examples, they weren't quite as dark. Some of it was pretty scary stuff but it helps to know that she is someone we can contact if we do feel like there might be legal issues regarding the birth parents or our child.  It also helps to know that we are not locked into anything and that we shouldn't feel guilty if something doesn't feel right and we need to say no. She told us to prepare ourselves,that we will probably get a last minute call instead of a call with months to prepare like I envisioned.

It was great to meet with someone outside of the agency who was able to speak frankly and to give us some tips about dealing with the agency. I think it made us feel better and almost safer to know that we have someone else in our corner. Yeah, I know....another person that we have to pay,too. She was also able to give us an idea of the types of expenses we might run into and it was not quite as bad as I originally though. I think we were both expecting it to be much higher.

Still no word on a match but I'm still feeling optimistic....not sure how much longer that will last, but for now, I'm doing fine.

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