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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies!

If you only could get pregnant like you catch the flu or a cold or chicken pox, I'd be glowing. *sigh* I'm quite sure it does not rub off and I am not going to catch it. There really is no way for me to get pg at this point anyway. But maybe....just maybe.....if I hold enough babies the universe will pick up on it and send us our baby. Do you think it works that way?

In the past 24 hrs. or so, I've been exposed to 3 different babies...ranging in age from 7 weeks to 11 weeks. The 2 that I held were so precious and snuggled right up to me. (the 3rd was screaming her pretty little head off and wouldn't let anyone touch her. Go figure, the only girl.....)  Both boys moms were surprised and both said that the babies were "in love with me". It was so sweet and such a good feeling. It always makes me feel like such a good person when I am around babies. I seem to know what to do and I think they must pick up on that. Or maybe my babies are around me and telling them not to be afraid of me. I like that thought :)

H has been so concerned lately about the baby not taking to us but I never was. I like to remind him how much our niece and nephew adore him and want him around all the time but he was always afraid of them when they were newborns. He is a big guy and I think he is afraid he would have hurt them. Because of that he never really bonded with them until they were a little older and wanted to be carried on his shoulders or  fall asleep on his massive chest. I think he is afraid that will happen with our baby,too. I think this is where is worries about the loss of a bio connection.

I keep telling him it will be different when we have our own.....and that a bio connection has nothing to do with it.  I hope he gets the picture before we actually do become parents. I wish I could get rid of his anxiety.....Must get him out to visit more babies. Looks like I have my winter project!

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