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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall ya'll!

Although the calendar has not officially confirmed it, autumn is here and so begins my most favorite time of year! Some of my best days were fall days. Like my wedding....and the year H and I went to ME....and too many other to list. I always say I love the 4th quarter (a term I picked up from my years in finance.) I am at my happiest right up until I need to return to work after the holidays.

It all starts with a little chill in the air....still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without freezing my ass off. I go to see my niece and nephew play soccer or I'll take a walk by the river. I start using fresh apples in my cooking and I bake yummy pumpkin flavored treats. I pull out my cable knit sweater ballerina flats and my cozy sweaters and do lots of cuddling with H.

Lots of planning goes weekends start to book up with our annual family trip (girls only) to the Yankee flagship store and our Christmas cookie bake- a -thon. I'm too busy to think and that is how I like it. It keeps me out of trouble and I'm hoping that this year, it will keep my mind off of the fact that we are still waiting. H & I would love to be able to share our love of the season with our little one next year :)

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