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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to do superbowl right

We aren't really into watching sports. H is more of an active guy. He would rather be working on a car or tearing down a wall than sitting around watching sports. I am the girliest girl there is.....I never watched sports, never even bothered to learn the rules. Sometimes he will tune into a basketball game and he will usually want to watch the big stuff like superbowls and world series games.

However, he loves the idea of superbowl party food. Every year I make him a bunch of snack foods and he will watch the game. I'll sit next to him and read or play on my tab and look up when the commercials come on.

I was so proud of my healthy menu that I had to share.

Jalapeno popper dip with b low fat cream cheese, mayo, sour cream and panko breadcrumbs...I dipped with veggies, H used tortilla chips

Homeade chicken fingers dopped in ranch dressing, panko breadcrumbs and baked

Butternut squash fries (thank km you Hungry girl)

Zucchini "fries" (baked actually)

All served with various dipping sauces from hot sauce to honey mustard to ranch dressing.

Ok so it's not going to make us lose weight but I didn't gain a lb either. I bet most superbowl attendees can't say that! Won't I make a great mom?

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