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Friday, February 8, 2013

Maybe I should switch careers

I seem to be much better at being a Caseworker than my actual Caseworker.

I'm getting annoyed with my agency again. I spoke to my CW last Friday after leaving her a msg. 24+ hrs. prior. I called to discuss some upcoming deadlines and the msg. that I left her stated just that. In my industry, deadline means "hop the fuck to it" but she doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency.

She loves to start out with small talk and to ask what we've been up to while I want my questuions answered and to get off the phone. If she is so busy that she can't call me back or even check in with me, then she doesn't need to waste time bullshitting, right? The last time I spoke to her was 12/22 in regards to the profiling opportunity that we turned down. Not a word since. Until today when I called her. That's right. I called her.

I don't like the idea of her not being on top of our case. I'm sure she has a lot to do but I was led to believe when we signed with the agency that when we needed to provide them with updated paperwork we would be notified in plenty of time. Not the case. It's a good thing I don't trust people and that I am militant with my follow up skills.

See, it turns out that we need to provide an updated version of our criminal background form (just a bunch of addresses and how long we lived there) by March 6th. We also need to have physicals again by March 8th. It is very difficult for me to get an appt. with my Primary Care Dr. so we are already behind schedule. As it is, I had to beg my Dr. to squeeze me in on the 8th.....which is a Friday and 2 days before we leave for vacation. I'm sure the Dr. won't even have the paperwork finished.

It's now a week later. She promised me:

#1 to email the forms that we need to provide
#2 to check to see if they need another letter from my Therapist just like last year (who charges $125.00 for such a letter)

I have not heard from her.

The best news? If our paperwork is NOT in order, we do not get the chance to be profiled. I had to remind her of that. At the opening of the conversation, she told me that we didn't need to worry until June (when our HS needs to be updated and paid for again.) Now, it's not like we have had a lot of profiling opportunities in the past 7 months. (Um, ONE) We really can't afford to miss something that might come along because the agency dropped the ball.

So, I have to call her..... again. A week is enough time to give her a chance to do as she promised. Now, I also have to ask her how my Drs. appt. being late will impact our chances to be profiled. Just another complicated layer to the whole mess of dealing with this agency.

At this point, I am on the fence about contacting the agency owner. If I do that could she retaliate by not showing our profile if a case does come up?

I know that 7 months might not seem like a very long time to wait but I am starting to get a bit anxious about this process again. Not trusting the agency rep who is supposed to be guiding us through the process makes it all that much harder.

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