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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ginger soup

That's me ( nickname: Ginger from a friend at a former job, for those of you that don't know that) + a detox bath. I found a recipe online and it seemed like a really good idea to shake this flu (or whatever this ailment is that's kicking my ass).

The recipe?

2 cups of Epsom salts (you may recall from an earlier post that I fell in the bathtub back in September taking an Epsom salt bath and  injured my wing. Don't worry, I was careful)

1 cup of baking soda (I almost used baking powder thanks to my fuzzy head but I caught the mistake early enough)

2 tbsp. of ginger

Oh, and hot as you can stand it.

The directions said to stay in the bath for 40 min. but I thought I would be happy if I just made it to the 20 min. minimum.

I put my hair up, grabbed my book ( Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan- highly recommend) and 32 oz. of cold water (because you need to replenish the fluids you are about to sweat out.) I got into the tub very carefully....that Epsom salt can turn your tub into a death trap, so detoxers beware!

Within minutes, I was sweating like I just finished a Turbofire workout and I started to get bed spins dizzy.  My skin started to smell a little funny like the garlic and cayenne that I consumed yesterday while trying another home remedy.

With Hubby not home, I started to get a little worried. I wouldn't want him to come home and find me a victim of my latest bright idea but I just kept telling myself it was the poison fleeing from my body and that it would be ok and would all be worth it to be able to breathe and, hopefully, speak again. I did not have enough common sense to bring my phone with me but I toughed it out and I do think it was worth it.

When the alarm clock went off 40 min. later ( yep, I managed the full 40 min. thanks to a good book and the 32 oz. of water that I polished off) I was ready to get out. I felt sort of drained but in a good way like how you feel after a good workout or massage and I'm kind of looking forward to my next one. It's been over an hour and I can breathe and my body is not aching. I drank another 32 oz. of water and feel like I could keep going. I'll spare you the details of the expectoration but I will warn you to keep a tissue box close by.

The takeaway? I think it is a great way to help your body get through an illness. If you can stand the heat and smelling like a restaurant, you should try it.  I can give you the link to the page if you request it.

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