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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One more romantic Valentine's day

Let's hope anyway! Next year I want to be changing diapers and snuggling with my little one.

I'm looking forward to cupid onesies and fun Valentine's day Pinterest crafts.

We are not into romance in the true sense. We don't usually light candles or scatter rose petals (ever) H does not buy me flowers (I'd rather a new throw pillow or pair of boots, please) We treat each other with love, appreciation and kindness all days, not just February 14th. (Hell, yes we have fights and get annoyed with each other,too but it all comes back to love.)

We don't even usually go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. This year we did and I can only describe it as "ehhhh". I don't know if it was my mood due to losing a relative and attending the funeral earlier in the day or if it was the restaurant itself (normally a good meal) but I was not impressed with dining on a holiday.

I think from now on we'll stick to our old routine: celebrating on the weekend after the holiday.

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