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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A confrontation is a brewin"

I feel it. It is bubbling up inside of me and when I finally explode my Caseworker will not be happy. I am sure that I won't feel great either.

I try to walk a very fine line. I am not sure how much I can push at this agency. What if they decide they don't like something I have said and choose not to show our profile? Sure, it's unprofessional but they haven't shown me that I can count on them. If anything, the "service" we have received has been less than attentive. However, I will not put up with constant screw ups. So far, I have been quite gracious about it but I am growing tired of letting everything go.

I gave her a week. When I spoke to her on 2/1 I could have sworn she told me to let her know when we made appts. and then she would email me the forms that we needed. Well the appt. were made and I sent a sweet but firm email. I simply asked for the forms and stressed the fact that I don't want to miss any profiling opportunities because of missing ppwk. Can you blame me for all the times this woman has dropped the ball with us? I also reminded her very nicely about an answer she owed me as well. ("I think you were also supposed to get back to me about......")

She called me back immediately and she played it really passive aggressively. Overly sweet voice...thanking me for reminding her.....and she let me know she was reaching out because she did not want me to worry. She claims that she told me that she would get the info. to me with in a couple of weeks (What she actually said: "a couple of days" and more than a week had gone by.)There was a bit of snottiness to her voice. I certainly did nothing wrong. I could have. I let H read the email and he confirmed that it was professional and quite nice......nicer than she deserves according to him. She actually made me feel quite small for following up on her. By the end of the call, I was apologizing to her and she was patronizing. I wonder if someone reads her email? She always tells me how she prefers I reach out by telephone.

So how to I deal with her? When is it time to go over her head? Will that increase our wait time? As it is, when we spoke she promised me 2 different forms and she only sent 1 of the forms. I emailed her back saying that it wasn't attached. Hopefully, she won't be pissed about it.

This isn't even the complicated stuff. It's just bullshit paperwork. It doesn't involve other people. What happens if there is an issue with a potential match and I can't get in touch with her?

Right now, I am frustrated. I knew I would have moments where it would be like this but I feel like giving up some days. Why am I putting myself through this? I hope it will all be worth it. I'm tired of fighting my way to becoming a mom.

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