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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes cheesy movies have a good message...

Notes from the Heart Healer starring Genie Francis and Ted Mcginley

This was one cheesy movie. It was made in 2011 and if you don't know who either of these actors are, I would not be surprised. When I was in HS (and I am middle aged) Genie Francis was on a soap and she was in her 30s then (at least). Ted Mcginley was on Happy Days....which was cancelled about 25 years ago or so. So this is not a young couple. As a matter of fact, makeup could not even hide the age lines. C'mon Lifetime/Hallmark, couldn't you cast someone a bit more believable, age wise? I know. Lifetime/Hallmark.......what do I expect?

Anyway, this "not young" couple had a baby land on their doorstep. The young teenage Mom was in some kind of trouble and just left the baby and ran. When the teenager came back for her baby, the wife got attached and decided she wanted to try for a baby. I dozed off because the movie wasn't very good so I am not sure if they wanted to adopt or if dhe was planning on getting pg. (Eggs are not like fine wine. Age=bad) The husband thought they were too old .(I agree with him...I am sure they are members of the AARP).

I did wake up just in time for the husbsnd to have a change of heart (which only meant that he agreed to pursue family building activities.... whatever they maybe) I figured if these old farts can decide to have a baby, H and I will be ok when we are finally matched. Just another confirmation that we must be on the right path. Unlike my IVF journey, something always happens to restore my faith when I it a goofy movie or a call from the agency.

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