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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are we doing the right thing?

Life is going on all around friends are getting closer to their due dates, we booked our annual spring vaca and I am back into my workout schedule full swing ( my poor little wing that I injured by falling in the bathtub while trying to clean is much better thanks to the Chiropractor ).

We are trying to keep busy. We are going to parties and having dinner nights with friends. Despite the sub zero temps we have been quite social. H is working on the "nursery" and I am immersing myself in researching baby gear. Somehow, I don't feel the pressure I did a few months ago. I think a part of me thinks this is not going to happen. One day I feel glad that we have this time to really prepare (and save some money) and the next day I feel like it is taking sooooooooo loooooooong. I am afraid the longer it takes....the more difficult it will be for us to adjust. Let's be honest....we are NOT getting younger. Sleepless nights and countless diaper changes are on the way......what if it takes another year....or longer?! Most friends our age have kids in school. Some days I wonder if we are meant to be child free.

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