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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happiness found on the calendar

Today, I finally got around to organizing my 2013 calendar. This is one of my favorite January tasks (some of my least favorite tasks include cleaning out the fridge and freezer and reorganizing the pantry) As I filled in our important dates, I discovered something that fills me with hope.

In June, H will turn 40. (He has already admitted to having a bit of a mid life crisis...he is talking about tattoos and he just bought a sports car.) His birthday always falls around father's day....something he never fails to complain about. It has been particularly hard for him since we started going through the infertility treatments. The year that I lost the baby 3 days before mother's day was probably the worst.

This year, I noticed that his birthday is actually ON father's day. I can't help but think that it is some kind of sign.  A 40th birthday on father's day without being a father when you want it so bad would be too cruel....especially after all that has already been taken from us. In my heart I just know that we are bound to hear something by then!

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