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Saturday, January 5, 2013

All evidence of the holiday...gone.

Yes, we just finished taking down the tree. It is perfectly fine (and expected in some cultures!) to leave the tree up until after epiphany. So technically, I am a bit ahead of schedule. As sad as it always is for me to see the tree and the rest of my lovely decorations go, I was getting a bit tired of looking at it all. It's almost like it needs to go away before the new year can begin for me. It had nothing to do with being lazy...if you know me, you know that everything I do goes fairly quickly and easily due to my superior organization skills. Yeah, I'll say it. I don't do very many things well but I do love order and I work very hard to keep it restored. The timing of Christmas was strange this year. Whenever it falls on a Tuesday, we get gypped with vacation days and it throws everything off, including the disassembling of my holiday.

As a matter of fact, I went a bit overboard this year editing my decorations. I have a box of items to give away and a pile I donated to the trash. For all of the treasures that remained, I wrapped them in new tissue paper and boxes and packed them in plastic bins by category (ornaments, white outdoor lights, fireplace get the idea.....I won't get into the sub categories such as soft ornaments/glitter ornaments/word ornaments,etc.) As I lovingly packed my once a year stuff, I couldn't help but wonder what next year might bring. Would I have as much time to devote to dressing up our home for the holidays or would I be too busy with a new love. The next time I open those red and green holiday bins, our life could be completely changed. This is probably the only time I have ever been enthusiastic about this most hated job. How can I not be?

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