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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cause for celebration

Imagine being around for 90 years. Imagine still driving and doing it well, cooking for yourself, and meeting your friends at McDonald's for breakfast every morning. Imagine having the cleanest house on the planet and a perfectly manicured lawn that you tend to on your own. At 90 years old. That is my Grandmother.

Just knowing this woman has made me a better person. Her faith is unwavering....even when my Father fought in Vietnam she never questioned it. Her love for her family has inspired all of us and her ability to speak her mind and stand up for her convictions without hurting people is something I could only hope to emulate. Maybe someday.....maybe it comes with age. I have known her for nearly 1/2 her life and she has always been this way,though.

I hosted a birthday party for her over the weekend and I could not have been more honored. She was thrilled to be surrounded by her family and while it was a bit low key, that suits her perfectly. She called me to thank me after the party and she told me that she made a very special wish for H and I when she blew out the candles. She didn't want to tell me what the wish was but she told me that if I thought very hard I could probably figure it out.

I didn't have to think that hard at all. I know what my Gram's wish was. you can probably guess it,too.That is just like her.....spending her 90th birthday wish on someone else. For her sake and for my future child's sake, I sure hope that wish comes true sooner rather than later. I know that any child brought into this world would surely be a better person for knowing my Gram.

xoxo Gram

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