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Friday, January 20, 2012

A very cold day and a very warm welcome....

I called H as soon as I got home from work tell him about my awful day and to complain about the sub zero temps. Brrrrrrr. He didn't answer...which is not unusual. I call him the same time everyday,otherwise he gets sad (cute,right?) I assumed he was either a.) involved in some political discussion with a co-worker or b.) talking to his parents or his retired Stockbroker friend. So, I left a message and started a load of darks. No big deal.

When he called me back, I actually learned that he was on the phone with AS. They received our check and registration paperwork and wanted to call and welcome us to the AS family! I was a little surprised that they didn't call me...the check was written from my individual account after all AND I was the one who called them so many times to ask questions. I was building relationships,dammit. And he got the welcome wagon call. *sigh*

Chalk one up for the agency, though. They were simply following the directions on the paperwork! When they asked for our phone numbers and the order we would like to be reached if they needed to get in touch with us, we decided (Uh, H decided) that his cell phone should be our main contact number. You see, we met with a couple who used the same agency and they stressed the importance of the agency always being able to reach us...we could miss out on a match opportunity! H always makes fun of me for never having my cell on and he also said that I might get too excited and say yes to any situation-even if it costs and extra $10,000 so we actually both know it's best for the level headed 1/2 of team S gets those calls.

So, we are set for our orientation and our weekend of home study classes! Let's hope it warms up a bit before we head out west.....

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