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Monday, January 16, 2012

Signed, sealed and ready to be delivered!

The registration paperwork,that is.

Yep...we have chosen our agency and H & I spent the morning finishing the application and writing the 1st of many checks. Bye, bye $375. At least you are money well spent!

It's funny how we are both really in tune with our thoughts on adoption. I, being the OCD half of the pair, read through everything the day it arrived in the mail. (Ok, not before putting the dishes from my lunch bag in the dishwasher and changing into my after work lounging outfit.) When I asked him the questions I had already answered a million times in my head, I was surprised that his answers were so similar to my own. I don't know why I expected us to be divided on some of the questions they asked....we usually are on the same wavelength.

I even love the way we came to the decision to adopt. We each did a little research on our own (without telling each other) and we both talked a mile a minute during our initial discussion. We are definitely planners (hence, the blog title) but the timing was uncanny.

Maybe I built the adoption process up in my head and expected it to be really difficult every step of the way. I know...and I'm sure my friends who are adoptive parents will tell me that the hard stuff is coming up.... the home study and above all else, the wait. I can't believe I used to complain about the 2WW after an IVF cycle. A 2YW (year wait) may do me in!

We already have our 1st date set up with Adoption Star. We meet with the case worker and staff in 2 weeks and we also get to take our 5 home study classes all in 1 shot. This is the part H & I are really excited about. We know we have a bit to learn about adoption and we are looking forward to the guidance the agency will provide. We've started working on our profile book,too. I've already read just about every book out there and we have talked to several agencies and couples but this is where it gets real. Now, we have an agency and they are going to help us meet our baby!

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