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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A big huge update!

I can't believe it is already March....and that I haven't written in nearly 2 months. So much has happened and we are moving right along with the adoption process. Yay!

 I'll fill you in, but 1st lame ass apologies. Sorry....

Let me give you my list of excuses. I have not been blogging becasue of the following:

1. I have been far too busy with our adoption paperwork. You know, getting fingerprints done (and staying on H's ass so he gets his done,too) writing a bio for our SW(and taking notes as H dictates his bio so I can type it up....otherwise it will never be done), getting our financials together, etc.

2. I had the flu for a week and I just wasn't feelin' creative.

3. I was in FL for almost 2 weeks on vacation and other business (details to follow).

4. We had our taxes done....and that involves gathering lots of paperwork...almost as much as for the adoption. I know, right? Hard to believe since adoption paperwork gathering is like a full time job.

5. We have been working on refinancing the house. Yep, more paperwork.

6. I am helping my sis plan her 7/7/12 wedding. (Rings/dresses/place-check!)

7. I started and almost finished (!!!) our profile book. I have some pics from our recent vaca and my sweet nephew's 1st bday to add. I might be getting ahead of myself since we don't need to have it done until we are home study approved but I want our profile done so the SW can look at it and critique it. I want to "go live" and have our profile ready to be shown to birth parents the very minute our home study is complete.

8. The house is under major renovations on the top floor. H has 2 bedrooms ripped apart along with the guest bath. Our builder was horrible and he is rebuilding our house on the inside. Just today, he pulled a piece of molding off the floor only to find that they had the molding nailed through a pipe in the bathroom. I don't even want to get into the disaster it caused....but all of this needs to be done before he can start the "nursery to be". And all of this better be done before the SW visits. I've been cleaning out drawers and moving things from 1 room to another. It's actually good because we are doing some great things organizationally. H has termed this the year of organization since we are also redoing all of the closets and have spent more time at The Container Store year-to-date than the Employee of the Month. We were always pretty damned organized but now we are Martha Stewart, crazy organized.

Now, more about the business mentioned in excuse #3. You may or may not know my ILs live in FL. We love to visit but for one reason or another, it's been almost 2 years since we've been to their home. (Mostly due to treatment timing and the cost of treatments.) We've been anxious to head south and we knew that the adoption was not something we wanted to tell them over the phone. Around the same time, my sis and her family along with my parents decided to go to Disney so we did a little of both. We spent a few days in Disney with my fam (my ILs even joined us all for dinner twice!) and then we spent a week at the retirement community. My Ils are very excited for us. My MIL even told us that she wanted to suggest adoption but they decided to mind their own business. They are trilled at the idea of becoming grandparents again and so excited to share the news with the family and friends. Their reaction was more than we could have hoped for. From both families,actually. We are really lucky to be surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends...only the closest to us know right now and that's how we'll keep it until we are matched. It's no secret so if someone asks, we'll tell but it feels wrong to make a formal announcement without any real news. We both felt strange enough telling my MIL,FIL and H's brother and SIL. My family has known since day one but we are that family that is all up in each other's business all.the.time. You can't break a nail without someone hearing about it.

So, to recap....

Both families know and are happy.

We are done with our paperwork and awaiting our 1st appt. with the SW.

Our house is a mess a la' "the Money Pit".

We are well rested from vacation.

I think I've brought you up to speed. Again, sorry for going MIA but I expect to be around a lot more. thanks for reading!

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